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Should You Wear Underwear Underneath Your Shaping Panty?

Panties with shapewear? Is it a no-go or are there exceptions to the rule? Most of the time, we find that our shaping briefs, shorts, and bodysuits are underwear in their own right. No need for extra layers that can cause lumps and bumps!With slips, skirts, leggings and tank tops, however, feel free to slip on some lightweight panties if it makes you feel more comfortable. Read on to discover when and how to best wear shapewear. Do You Wear Underwear Under Shapewear Shorts, Briefs, and Thongs? In short, the answer to this question is: no. That’s because you can get complete support and full shaping power without compromise from shaping briefs and thongs.Let your shapewear breathe by wearing it...

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This Garments is for everyone!

Your weight, your measurements – none of that matters. We all have insecurities, and we all want to look our best on special occasions! No matter what you’re insecure about, or what outfit you want to wear, we have a garments (and a solution) for you. When you think of shapewear, maybe you envision an utilitarian post-surgical garment or something with super-strong compression that’s uncomfortable. Maybe you think of garment as something you only wear once, for one wedding or party. But we’re here to tell you that there really is a shaper out there for everyone – and yes, you can wear most of them all day, every day! Look around you. Every person in the world has different activities to do, plans to follow through...

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Feel Engaged Regularly with the Panty Shaper Code

    Here at BestDealz, we believe in empowering women above all else. Shaping Panty is not something you use to hide, disguise or “correct” your body - you wear it to enhance, flaunt, and enable yourself to wear whichever outfit you want… whenever you want! We couldn’t help but wonder: what do we all have in common apart from shapewear? What makes all of us unique? Shaping Panty wearers have been accused of many things in the past. But changing the conversation around shapewear also means focusing on what makes us GREAT and what we have in COMMON. That’s how we came up with the Shapewear Code: a small set of 5 traits we find across all Shaping Panty users. Let us all pledge...

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