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3 (Wrong) Myths About Aging

Myth #1: Physical disability and mental decline are inevitable

While arthritis forgetfulness, moodiness or even dementia are more common among older people, it isn’t age itself that causes it. Training the mind and the body can greatly benefit your mental and physical condition.

Lifting weights will keep bones strong and help retain lean muscle.

Playing games, and learning new subjects will help the mind stay sharp and highly functional. On top of that, a healthy diet can also do wonders for reducing pain, stiffness and make you feel more vital.

Myth #2: Older people have no romance

Sexual relations are important to older people, too. Studies show that being sexually active for seniors actually depends more on their health, or their partner’s health, than anything else. 


Myth #3: If you’re already old, it’s too late to change

Even if you were a couch potato in your 20s and 30s, your body isn’t written in stone: You can reverse your poor physical condition when you get older. Weightlifting and brisk walking can dramatically increase muscle strength in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. Its never too late to make a change in your diet, daily routines, and old habits.

Remember, while aging is inevitable, aging poorly isn’t. If you have a real health concern, take steps to avoid it; if it’s a myth, ignore it.



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