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Shapewears Through The Years

Written by Diana

Shapewears or usually known as body shapers are undergarments which aims to create an illusion to give a perfect body shape for all. It is a must-have for women to look and feel good!

Women for a fact, have been using shapewears for a long time. Many thought that the first shapewears were corsets. Little did we know, the first shapewears or shapers were girdles and they started manufacturing these beauties during the ancient times.

In the ancient times, the shapers were made of woven garments which resembles a wide belt. There was even an account that one girdle is barely a rope! Ancient shapers are believed to be carrying magical properties such as fertility, poetry, and some believe that shapers will help them battle monsters!

Come the mid-1600's the demand for shapers grew stronger. But since the technology then was way better than the ancient times, shapers called corsets then came to life. Just like ancient shapers, corsets were made to perfect the women's figure. But instead of looking like a rope, its now much wider to occupy women's problem area, the torso, and back. Shapers then are not only meant for aesthetic purposes. They are also designed to improve one's posture.

And because of these objectives, we can expect a lot of crazy ideas on how they were able to come up with the corset. Who would have thought that steel and even animal bones were used in them? Genius right? But as time goes by, there were many improvisations and developement body shapers had gone through.

Fast forward to today, we are so fortunate enough that most shapewears are no longer hard to wear. Thanks to science and great minds, we no longer need to wear heavy, rough and uncomfortable shapewears just to look and feel good. Plus, we are lucky that we no longer believe in shapewears carrying supernatural powers battling supernatural beings! LOL!

Thanks to technology, girdles, and body-shapers nowadays are manufactured with elastic textiles which means, a tighter, fitter hug to the problem areas are implemented.

It is proven by the historical accounts of shapewears that people since the early years are really concerned on how they look. Many of them would undergo pain and many are willing to suffer just to look perfect and beautiful on the inside. We are so blessed that today, we have an array of choices when it comes to body shapers. Body briefs, control camisoles, long leg, sari shapewear, corsets, merry widow, seamless shaperear and a whole lot more! Women now have choices on what to wear matching perfectly our clothes. And as an addition women can feel good while looking good at the same time.

Technology improved our way of living. In the past, women can only get a hold of body shapers if they are in the upper class. Shapewears are tailored manually for a person one at a time. It takes a long and crucial labor before a body shaper is made. But now, we can get them easily from a store or even online!

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